February 14, 2018

North East India Folklore And Cultural Vibes

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North East India has a rich culture and folklore. North East India includes seven states – Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura and Meghalaya. These seven states known as ‘Seven Sister’. The North Eastern region is also host the Himalayan state of Sikkim. North East India has vast natural resources and a cauldron of different people, cultures and traditional life style.

Every tribal group of these states has its own unique tribal culture, folk customs, folk dance , food items and material culture. North East Indian people offer a colorful reflection of their land and traditional lifestyle. The Mongoloid faced people of this region are very distinctive in characteristics of dress, customs and languages.

NEIFACV and its introduction

NEIFACV (North East India Folklore And Cultural Vibes) is a non-government organization whose main aims and objectives are –

  1. To support, direct and mediate national and international cooperation in the sphere of folklore movement
  2. To maintain, revive and develop national and regional cultural traditions
  3. To transmit of cultural heritage to children and youth
  4. To appraise the role of folklore in the present-day culture
  5. To create understanding and tolerance between the various peoples of the world
  6. To bring together scientific and practical knowledge
  7. To consult folklore groups and festival organizers
  8. To promote the intangible heritage, through forms of expression such as dance, music, games, rituals, customs and other arts.
  9. To support the activities of its members and those of non-governmental organizations working in the areas of folklore and cultural heritage
  10. To organize academic seminar and workshop on folklore
  11. To trace the folk artist from various places and document their works
  12. To document various forms of folk culture.Photography and visual documentation of these local art forms.
  13. To make a digital archive of folk culture.To promote Cultural Tourism.
  14. To collecting Books and critical essays on Folklore.
  15. To organize folk film festivals.
  16. To make Documentary movies based on Folk tradition and circulating them widely through e-media.
  17. To start an E-Journal on Folklore.Starting a publication house to address the issues pertaining to folk tradition.
  18. To serve the cause of peace and non-violence through the implementation of the above objectives.

To promote the intangible heritage and cultural tradition, NEIFACV wants to organize such a program, where different communities and tribes from the entire region will be gathering together and show casing their different festivals and also folk dance or folk music. To empower and better livelihood of the communities and tribes NEIFACV also wants to sell their ethnic products.

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