March 4, 2018

'Samannaya'- the ethnic meet

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North East India is a homeland of different communities with their rich folklore heritage. Research scholars mentioned that this is a folklorist’s paradise. The vibrant folklore material makes it rich and which is a wealth of this region. Each and every community retains their own tradition, language/dialect, habits, customs, dance, food, material items etc. The spring time festival of of this region is very unique there is not such any attempt to preserve their live tradition so far at institution level. Therefore, the NEIFACV has planned to organize the spring time festival at Guwahati named as সমন্বয়-the ethnic meet ('Samannaya'- the ethnic meet). There will be four days long event which will start at 10 a.m. with lectures of distinguish guest and it will end with cultural program of ethnic groups, North East India. Other than lectures and cultural program here will be ethnic food festival, exhibition of material culture and other demonstration.

Outcomes of the event :

  1. People will get a platform to display their ethnic products.
  2. The livelihood of tribal and other communities will be improved
  3. The women empowerment will be increased.

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